Appropriate dressing for the Gentlemen’s club


So, you like to get naughty (wink)! Going to a gentlemen’s club abroad is a usual thing for many, but if you are headed there for your bachelor’s night and if it is your first time, you are in for some really awesome fun! Since it is your bachelors and this will be the last time you will ever be on a guilt free trip among your friends, you ought to understand the basics of dressing for the gentlemen’s club

  • Wear loose bottoms


    well, owe it to the hot dancers out there or the extreme hotness at a single place, so if your gears are going to shift and if you are wearing tight clothes, it would definitely hamper your movement which can result in utter awkwardness in front of people. So wearing loose bottom wear would suit the best for you to shift towards your comfort. You are there to have fun all night and that should be comfortable to you too.

  • Wear Suits to attract the best

     If you need to attract the best dancer, you need to look the classiest and the most professional. Business owners are most preferred and people with the elite class are considered to enter these places wearing a suit and the best dance sessions happen in front of them! So, Wear a good quality full three piece suit and let the magic happen! We not sure but one or two free lap dance sessions are in order for sure!

  • Don’t put up the usual daily wear

    If you don’t want to be mistaken as a daily visitor of a gentlemen’s club, don’t wear that same old t-shirt you have been wearing for the past three days and that too reeks of dead rats! The people with daily wear clothes are considered to be routine people and are treated less and they don’t even get the promotional discounts!

  • Don’t smell Bad

    Though it is a necessity around everywhere, but there is no place else where hot women would be any more closer to you, so if you don’t want to come off as a total turn off, just wear the best perfume you have and no one knows, ladies will be head over heels for you the whole night! (Not to mention the fact that they need to get tipped again and again to visit your table again and again!)

  • Wear Clean clothes
    If you don’t want to be thrown out of the place by big bodied bouncers, please don’t wear dirty clothes at a gentlemen’s club because firstly you will never get attention, and the second one, you will be alone at a freaking strip club!

You may thank us when you find that hottest lady on your lap!


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