People in your group on whom you’ll have to keep a close eye on during the bachelor party

Bachelor parties are always great fun; they are the best way to keep the marriage and its preparation stress off the grooms head! A bachelor party is like going back to your college days with your lads! This day is ought to be one of the most special day in your and your buddies entire life.BACHELORS.jpg

Many topics come up during a bachelor party, your ex, your job, your career, your finances, your honeymoon plans, future plans and many more! But the thing is that it is going to be the most sorted conversation if you are among the right people. But the free flowing alcohol can be a problem and sometimes, for some of the most sensible people become weird once they are drunk. We have put down a list of what kind of people you will have to keep an eye on during your bachelor party, so that it can run smoothly like the way you’d planned:

  • The Drunks – Always, and we repeat always keep an eye on the people who drink too much which results in them not being able to control their emotions. These people make unfortunately always end up embarrassing themselves in every situation, oddly sometimes even the group as a whole! So keeping a close eye on them is a must.DRUNK 1.jpg
  • The Boss – If you have invited your office boss to your bachelor party, despite your social interaction with him, you need to make sure that all his needs are taken care of and not all in any way is mistreated by anyone or else it would surely reflect on performance score the next month.BOSS.jpg
  • The Bitchers – No matter how much you love them, there are always one or two in your group who bitch a lot. No matter what, and you just can’t hate them they are your source of entertainment! But sometimes you don’t want them to be so drunk that they end up disclosing your personal stuff to people at your bachelor party.BITCH.gif
  • The Fighters – Every group has a type of person that easily gets into fights and keeping a close eye on them helps you not to make a mess of your bachelor party. They are the ones who lose their cool at every situation. They might tend to blast the serving staff, people in the group or even people outside the group. Keep them engaged in conversations and always away from the ones who troll others.FIGHTER.jpg
  • The Fun Seekers – Though fun is harmless, but it depends on what level of fun are we talking about. You don’t want them to indulge into anything that could harm them or others around them mentally or even physically! Do not let them engage towards insulting humour and socially unacceptable jokes. Though, keep them around for your party to be more fun and casual.
  • Your EX’s Friend – I know that’s unlikely that you call your Ex’s friend at your bachelor party but then well if you are friends and you have already sent the invite to them, just keep an eye on them so that past remains buried and you can have a nice evening. You don’t want them digging the past now.FRIENDS.jpg

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