So, if you planning your Bachelors in Thailand, you are certainly the one who wants to blow oneself away partying  and  certainly knows of the world renowned  Full Moon Beach parties of Thailand, the ones  that have been  tagged as the Best Beach party in Asia, and the one that is tied to the Lunar Calendar, the Full Moon Party which happens on the island of Koh Pha Ngan.

The island of Koh Pha Ngan is situated in the Southeast of Thailand and is just a ferry ride away from the Island of Koh Samui.


Being here on one of the Lunar Days can be an experience in itself, with thousands of party revellers dancing & enjoying the music ( mostly  psy trance )played along the different Bars lined up on the Beach.

The Parties have come a long way since the first one happened in the 1985, a party which was informally organised for completely different reason, a farewell  I have been told. As the word spread about this seemly innocent and a small party it has ever since mutated into its current form where thousands upon thousands pack on this stretch of island for a crazy party which last till the Sun shines its rays on this Island.


Talking about the people who swell this stretch of Beach are mostly youngsters and the mood around Is always good and has a great vibe to it… Everyone you meet is friendly and a few drinks down even the shy ones drop down their guard and whatever little inhibition that one might have.


If I have to sum up what these Full Moon Parties are, it’s a stack of beach bars/clubs, buckets of Alcohol, Neon & fluorescent painted bodies, flaming skipping ropes and a absolutely mad time.

Well, if someone wants a little smaller crowd and a more organised event one can head to the Half Moon Festival which happens every fortnight. The Half Moon Festival Happens not on the beach but in a small forest about 2kms inland from Baan Tai. The Festival features lot of Popular Dj’s, and different stages which is all beautifully set up for a visual treat. However, Party goers have to pay a small sum to be a part of it, which in return gets you couple of  drinks of your choice, free music downloads and souvenir. Honestly  a great  Alternative for the Full Moon Party.


Beyond the partying and fun that you are here to seek, you need to to be careful from the touts that roam around the beach to rip you of your belongings. From drinks  being spiked to drugs that get sold and the angry dudes who are just looking to pick a fight, one has to be in his wits to not fall in these traps…only if you can manage J


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