Jordan on my Mind!!

You might be wondering if a trip to Jordan is a thing to do for your Bachelors and will it do Justice to the madness that a Bachelors party brings along with it. Well, there are more than a few reasons to  pick this Jem. Jordan offers some amazing sights and adventure activities for a great Adrenaline pumping Bachelors, and if you are the one who would love to explore the unknown, you are in for a real treat.

We have put down little list of things to do in Jordan – here it goes :

  1. WADI RUM1.png
    Wadi Rum is a place that you can boast about to everyone whom you meet, especially for the reason that the Hollywood Blockbuster ‘MARTIAN’ was shot, a place people call Mars on Earth. Well, Wadi Rum with its vast expanse of land is a hub for adventure activities. One can enjoy an Exhilarating Skydives to a more peaceful Hot Air balloon ride or one can  take a flight around Wadi Rum in a Microlight or a Ultralight flying machines.
  2. AQABA2.png
    The coastal city of Jordan offers its visitors a great experience and is known for water sports and activities. Anyone looking to dip themselves in these waters won’t be disappointed, one can choose between Scuba-Diving, windsurfing, parasailing, jet skiing and Water-skiing.
  3. PETRA
    In between the partying and fun, take a day’s break and visit amazing Ancient site of Petra which is over 2000yrs old. Our Recommendation is to do the Petra by Night tour as well and be awestruck by the beauty of this amazing structure.
  4. NIGHTLIFE5.png
    Amman has quite a lot to choose from a number of trendy and ultra posh clubs. Pubs like the Irish Pub, Big-Fellow which are just a couple to name among a plentiful of pubs. Clubs like Harir Lounge and JJ’s rule the night party scene in Amman. However, all this fun comes at a steep price in Jordan, so be ready to unload your pockets for some grand fun.
    quad bike.jpg
    If you are game for an outdoor adventure, nothing will come close to doing a night or a few nights of fun out in the open, which will be altogether a completely a new experience to have than the regular Bachelors that most are known to do..

It’s time to pack your bags and set sail for a once in a life time experience….your Bachelors Party!


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