Crazy cocktails to try for the best/worst kick on your bachelor trip

Well, if you have the idea of your soon to be bachelor’s trip, you should be pretty much certain about the drinks! Remember the golden rule – Drinks have to flow nonstop for all your bros! Not that we advise you to fail your liver but these occasions call for unlimited amounts of liquor and we all know that none of us can help it!

We have listed some of the craziest drinks that are sure to knock you out which you should try or perhaps not on your bachelor trip!


    Served heated this drink has a fruity taste. Originated in Hollywood this drink is so strong that most of the times just one drink is enough to knock you off your senses! Trust us it is a very strong drink, no bar will serve more than two of these to any person and why? Because it contains three different types of rum, Angostura bitters, lime juice, grenadine, Pernod, falernum, and a combination of grapefruit juice and cinnamon syrup!
    Another devil of a drink is the mighty jungle juice! Fruity by taste and strong as hell, this drink is made from fresh fruits that are soaked oevernight in grain alcohol! Now the reason for it to kick strong your senses is because that 1 liter of grain alcohol is 95% ABV! Though the connoisseurs say that if made well this drink does not taste anything like alcohol but we may never know without trying it!
    Death by afternoon or popularly known as Hemingway champagne at some places; it contains only two alcoholic solutions, Champagne and some Absinthe. It is advised that if you have three to five drinks but not to bottoms up the same and savour its taste in every sip you will be on a different trip altogether!
    This deadly potion contains 6 alcoholic drinks in one drink which surely is going to punch your senses out and your bachelor might get even more crazier when this deadly potion enters your body!
    This Russian drink, is one of the best way to get drunk. Traditionally, this drink is served with some lime, sugar, espresso powder and two shots of vodka. When taking this drink, you first keep the lime, sugar and coffee in your mouth and chew it a bit after the first shot and slowly swallow and then take the second shot swiftly after it. It is supposed to give you a kick before you even know it luckily just in the right amounts for you to hit the dance floor!
    This drink is made from 151 Rum and Malibu mixed with pineapple juice to disguise the 72% alcohol taste. Thanks to the pineapple juice that conceals its alcoholic taste and want you leaving for more. But when it kicks in, it knocks your senses so bad that you could just pass out!
    This Italian drink is made from Gin, Campri and Vermouth. This drink is not so lethal if you have less than three, but the fourth one starts to make you very tipsy and on your bachelor trip you can place a bet with your friends to drink 10 drinks one after the other which is fairly impossible! This drink has all alcohol content and the only non-alcoholic content is the orange garnishing which just lowers the bitterness to the right amounts!

So, all you have to do is to try the drinks mentioned above but please don’t blame us if you pass out awkwardly!


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