How to Tackle the ‘Alans’ of Your Group During The Bachelor Trip

Bachelor Trips makes way for you and your bachelor buddies to have fun together and enjoy an exotic location, drinking manliest of drinks, watching hot strip teases and many more! These trips ensure your bond gets stronger and you’ll end up with some crazy memories that you will cherish for the rest of your lives!

Every bachelor trip reminds us of the movie ‘the Hangover’ and the character played by Zach Galifianakis the famous Alan Garner! Now in our opinion avoid taking them to your trip but like Dough if you are stuck with a brother in law or a brother like that, we suggest you take note of a few things so that you don’t wake up in a completely different city or country the next day!

  • DON’T LET HIM BINGE DRINK – Binge drinking is a strict no for that person! You know that you might have to be hard on his controlling habits but you have got to take the step, it’s for your and everyone else’s safety.


  • DON’T LET HIM DRIVE – You just can’t let him drive at any cost, even the slightest of fun can lead to some major consequences if you let your Alan anywhere near a steering wheel.
  • NEVER AGREE FOR TAKING DRUGS – No matter how tempting he may sound for you to try his strongest stuff, there would be no denying the fact that he would be lying! So just don’t go all crazy and try those drugs!
  • DON’T LET HIM IN A POKER GAME – Even though he may be the best poker player, but just like the movie, you can’t expect your Alan to be the same player which can land you in unsettled debts!


  • DON’T LET HIM BRING UNKNOWN FRIENDS – You can’t let him bring any person you don’t know on your own bachelor trip. That would be the worst decision that you could have made and if you have already said a yes, keep an eye on them as well!
  • KEEP AN EYE ON HIM – You need to keep an eye on him at all times after all its your trip and if you can assign any of your friend do the same, just never hesitate to ask for the favour.
  • NEVER SAY YES TO ANY OF HIS IDEA – Now you might already have an idea that what could happen when you do things like these so just don’t agree to any of his idea. A simplest of his idea could mean deep trouble for you which you won’t definitely want to fall in your bachelor trip.


  • NEVER LET THEM PACK THE BAGS – Bag packing can seem a very hefty task but you just can’t let your Alan pack your bags, unless you feel like wearing a women’s boxer shorts at a bachelor party, you need to pack your bags on your own and analyse your important things to take with yourself!


So, just take our advice and do your best while tackling the Alan of your group, no not every Alan lands you in stuff that makes good memories, life is not a movie, REMEMBER!


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