Beware never do these things in Asia on your bachelor trip

If you are going to celebrate your bachelor trip in Asia, then you have to get certain things straight. Asia is the only continent which is supposed to have the oldest culture and the oldest civilizations. They still follow their religious practices stringently and it would be the only continent with people from so many religions with different culture and traditions co-exist. From the highest mountains to the lowest coastal areas, Asia has it all covered! Be it the bike rides you want to have, or maybe you want to sky dive or even paraglide for all I care, Asia has everything you can wish for. It’s the most majestic continent in the world and probably the most conservative one too, though it has its rules and regulations but a few things that you mustn’t do and you are all set to enjoy your bachelor trip in Asia!

  • Disrespect the Local religion
    Religion in Asia helps in dominating the daily lives of people in more than any continent so if you appear as a guest to the Asian continent, don’t ever disrespect their local culture as the people might get offended. Maintain the respect you have for your religion similar to everyone else’s so that you might not invite a trouble.
  • Don’t wear shoes Indoors
    Image result for no shoes inside
    If you have Asian friends inviting you to their place, never enter their homes with your shoes on as it is an ancient tradition to keep your shoes out of the house and they are not allowed to be word inside of people’s home.
  • Avoid Hugs and Kisses as greeting
    Image result for hug free zone
     Asian people are a tad bit conservative so if you are to greet them, never ever opt for a hug or a kiss as they might not be comfortable with the same!
  • Stay away from lady boys in Thailand
    Image result for ladyboys
    You would not want to mess with the lady boys in Thailand as they easily get pissed and can land you in some serious trouble!
  • Importing Chewing gum and cigarettes in Singapore
    Image result for cigarette and chewing gum
    Even if you are a habitual smoker, you need not bring any Cigarettes in Singapore due to its strict import regulations and you might land a hefty fine regarding the same!
  • Don’t answer hotel phone calls in Macau
    Image result for do not answer phone
    The hotel phone calls in Macau are a real mess as the prostitutes usually call the tourists for their services and if you dare pick up once, the will just keep on calling and making your life mess!
  • Don’t Bargain too low with the shopkeepers in Thailand
    Image result for fixed price images
    Bargaining low in Thailand can lead you to some serious trouble as the shopkeepers find bargaining offensive and being a local they can easily make a scene out of nowhere!


We suggest you follow the above mentioned don’ts in Asia and you are all set to enjoy the best time in your life!


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