Introducing The Bachelor Trip

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‘If they say a girl plans her wedding all her life till the ‘D Day’ to ensure it is just the way she has dreamt off every night; then it stands true that a boy does the same for his bachelor party’.


Planning a bachelor’s night out before the wedding is an ancient male ritual of the west, which is considered as important to men as their wedding. This ritual is suddenly catching up all over the world including India. With a rough estimate of 6,200 weddings in the US per day and 325 in the UK per day; the countries in the west already have a 100% ratio of the their weddings and their stag doos.

With a rough estimate of about 10,000 weddings per day in urban India, let us say at least 75% of the grooms are keen on having a pre wedding boys’ night out or a bachelor party. Like destinations weddings, destination stag/bachelor parties with the ‘guys’ has become a recent vogue. Movies like The Hangover have also hugely contributed in hyping this trend.

Though not openly spoken about in our culture but the trend of a bachelor party/trip is rising in urban India. Most bachelors want to have that one last trip with the lads before he takes the plunge. Unfortunately there aren’t any organisers that cater to this genus of need in the Indian market. Though this is a new genre, yet its market is rising exponentially. Most people wanting a bachelor trip have to invest in a lot of time and money in researching and trying to work the logistics of their trip. Often in a group this becomes more of a hassle than a fun trip with everyone wanting to opt for different options.

This need was acknowledged by the owners of ‘The Bachelor Trip’ – Mr. Saroj Patel, an event production specialist from Mumbai, India and Mr. Hemant Kale, a co-owner of a wedding management house from Mumbai, India. The duo has decided to cater to this niche, untouched market. This is not just another travel agency, but an organisation that exclusively caters to the needs of people wanting to have a wild, adventurous and a fun trip. The duo have successfully organised ample number of bachelor parties for large number of groups in India and abroad.

What does ‘The Bachelor Trip’ do?

‘The Bachelor Trip’ organises the whole trip for a group of guys, be it a small group of 5-10 boys or a comparatively larger one with over 20 boys. ‘The Bachelor Trip’ covers over 40 cities in the world that can host ‘the unforgettable trip’. With some popular bachelor trip destinations and some uncharted destinations that are capable of hosting such groups. From the time a client gets in touch with ‘The Bachelor Trip’ team, a senior executive is appointed exclusively to him who will cater to all his needs till the end of the trip. With TBT in the picture; the group of guys need not worry about logistics in an unfamiliar country. Be it permissions to passes to having someone take care of slightly tipsy guys, ‘The Bachelor Trip’ ensures all of it is taken care off! The team of ‘The Bachelor Trip’ would make sure that the groom to be gets a proper send off to his single life before he enters his marital bliss.

Though there are recommended itineraries for every city, but a client can create his own itinerary where he can decide what he wishes to do at what time. However it is not necessary that a client has to have a well charted plan before he gets in touch with ‘The Bachelor Trip’ team. Even with a vague idea or a budget he can approach ‘The Bachelor Trip’ team and the well learned executive will help him with suggestions that will interest him. The Bachelor Trip’ team’s aim is to provide an incomparable and an extraordinary experience to their clients.

Though Mr. Hemant Kale and Mr. Sarosh Patel are happily married in their personal life, the duo haven taken personal interest in this organisation to ensure that the bachelor enjoys this trip to the fullest before he takes the plunge! Perhaps because they do know what is in store for him in future? (pun intended).


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